Maintaining a Drug Free Workplace

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The topic of Drug Testing is a tricky labyrinth to navigate these days. Every new turn has the potential to set you back where you began, or worse, more confused and frustrated than where you started. Is it really so much to ask for a clear path forward?

Whether you want to know why you should have a drug testing policy in place, which one would best fit your company, or how each is performed, this ebook on Maintaining a Drug Free Workplace was put together to help. Crafted by drug screening experts, our companion guide will inform you of the pros and cons of each test, walk you through the development of your own drug testing program, and help make your path towards your goal that much easier.

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Why should you implement a drug testing policy?

Organizations that implement a drug testing policy:





"Does your company have a drug testing policy? Not sure what panel best suits your company or what kind of testing is available? The Companion Guide "Maintaining A Drug Free Workplace" has the information that will help you make a fully informed policy decision that works best for you. Whether you aren't sure what a drug panel even consists of, or what sort of collection methods are out there, this ebook is sure to help!"


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