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At first glance, the Form I-9 is a simple document. At only two pages (which only feature three different sections) the instructions to fill out the form are longer than the form itself. But as simple as this form may seem on an initial look, below the surface is a quagmire of easily made mistakes that could result in hefty fines. There's a reason the handbook put out to address questions regarding the Form I-9 is a whopping 70-pages in length.

Our Companion Guide to Employment Eligibility Verification is a simplified guide to the Form I-9. We created it to not only help organizations address more common situations that arise, but to simplify and outline the key elements of the I-9 process and how to tackle the issues of storing forms and performing internal audits.

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76% of paper I-9s have at least one fine-able error

With companies receiving fines of up to $34M, it may be time to correct the problem.





Maintaining compliance with the Form I-9 can be challenging, especially when you consider there are over 150 possible mistakes on a single I-9 form. Not to mention the fact that 76% of them tend to have at least one fineable error. Did you know that each mistake can carry fines that range anywhere from $200-$2,000? Yikes! This ebook, "The Companion Guide to Employment Eligibility Verification," was made to provide a simplified guide to the Form I-9 and should help you not only understand the form itself, but help prevent you from making costly mistakes."


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